Dog & Cat Boarding Prices

Small dog pricing

Small dog

£10 per day


Yorkshire Terrier



Medium dog pricing

Medium dog

£11 per day





Large dog pricing

Large dog

£12 per day


Bernese Mountain Dog


German Shepherd

Extra large dog pricing

Extra large dog

£13 per day


Saint Bernard

Irish Wolfhound

Great Dane

cat pricing


£8 per day


Domestic Cat ✓

Panthera ✖

lions ✖

Heating Service


£2.50 per day

£1.50 per night

Gelli Kennels & Cattery

Both our Kennels and cattery are FULLY enclosed with UPVC double glazed units to keep out the elements and to ensure your pet will be warm, dry and cool even when its cold wet or even hot and we now have under floor heating for the colder days & nights.

If you wish to arrange an appointment to visit our kennels and cattery, or speak with us to discuss an enquiry, you can call us on 01269 592 624. Alternatively, if you would prefer to drop us an email, you can do so via the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

If you are planning a visit to Gelli Kennels and Cattery, you will need to make an appointment, we are based in the quiet village of Tycroes. Look for Gelli Lane off Tycroes Road, near Ammanford (SA18 3NT). Tycroes is 3 miles north of Junction 49, off the M4. Full details can be found in our 'CONTACT US".

About Our Service

Before Your Stay

All vaccinations must have been completed within the last 12 months and cover the period you wish to board.

  • A full and upto date vaccination card.
  • A Kennel Cough vacination.
  • Stanard 7 in 1 vaccination.
  • Suitable Bedding for you pet if you wish.
  • Toys and treats you may wish to bring.
  • Written in struction if you need special feeding or time.

Boarding Accommodation

  • All Kennels have covered inclosed outside runs, all have internal heating.
  • All Cattery pens have individual heating, to keep them cosey.
  • We are pleased to now be able to offer underfloor heating for that special pet please ask about pricing.
  • All Kennels have insulated membrane concrete floors.
  • All dogs are walked subject to weather conditions and temperment.
  • Pets will be charged by the day not the night.
  • Discount for 2 or more dogs from the same house sharing the same kennel for 5 days or more in one booking.
  • Fleas or worms if found on your pet will be treated, this cost will need to be covered by the customer on collection.


  • Should your animal require a non standard choice of food or one we do not supply you will need to supply enough food for the duration of the stay.
  • We would prefere not to use Ceramic food and water bows in the kennels.
  • Should your animal be frightened of fireworks please inform us and ask your vet for a sedative. (especially if boarding in November and December months)
  • A full and upto date vaccination card must be presented before you can board your pet.


Bedding is not supplied by us. You may provide your own (please no items such as filled cushions). If any item left that are damaged by your animal this is your responsibility and will be disposed of by us.